The Turtle Syndicate

Welcome to The Turtle Syndicate - an exciting new NFT project that brings the magic of the Turtle verse to life in the world of Cardano.

$Tortol and Turtle Syndicates Charity Contributes

Sea turtles face numerous threats, and $Tortol seeks to address these challenges by integrating blockchain technology. This whitepaper introduces our initiative to contribute a portion of revenue to sea turtle conservation and create a sustainable future through the $Tortol protocol.

The $Tortol Protocol

The $Tortol protocol operates on the cardano blockchain, providing a decentralized ecosystem for positive change. Using smart contracts and tokenomics, $Tortol incentivizes users and distributes funds to designated causes.

Adoption Certificates


Tortol Verse

Dive into the captivating realm of The Turtle Syndicate, where the mesmerizing Tortolverse Collides with the revolutionary landscape of Cardano! Our Vibrant NFT project not only sparks excitement but also champions a noble cause: Saving the Turtles. With Each token/NFT You become a Guardian of the Turtle Multiverse, uniting with us to protect these majestic creatures and their diverse habitats. Join our mission. Support the cause! Go Turtle!

Tortol Project

The Project

  • The mission of $TRTL is to foster adoption through increased trading volume and engagement with the $TRTL ecosystem.

  • Our overarching objective is to empower investors in $TRTL by offering future opportunities for refunds and write-offs based on their investment levels and the associated market conditions.

  •  As we drive adoption, we aspire to establish an independent entity dedicated to marine conservation, with a primary focus on safeguarding sea turtles and other vulnerable species. $TRTL will serve as the primary currency for funding conservation efforts, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem where the demand for $TRTL fuels its utility in purchasing essential goods and services for the welfare of marine life.

  • As we contribute to adoptions we plan to develop our own type of organization that contributes to sea turtle safety as well as a variety of other animals using $TRTL to contribute to all the needs therefore creating a “Self revolving ecosystem” Where the turtles/ and the turtle syndicate need $TRTL in order to purchase goods items etc.
    one goal is to use $TRTL to buy Turtle Necessities like medications/treatments/etc.

  • The Turtle Syndicate Project will spearhead our conservation initiatives, including awareness campaigns, comics, and a multiverse concept that highlights the importance of marine conservation. Within this framework, antagonistic forces, represented by the Turtle Syndicate Villains, will symbolize threats to marine life, amplifying the urgency of our mission.

  • Furthermore, our ecosystem incentivizes engagement through the staking of all NFTs, including Space Apes, to earn rewards in $TRTL. This innovative approach not only fosters community participation but also enhances the value proposition of $TRTL as a utility token within our ecosystem.

  • SO MUCH MORE! recommend reading our whitepaper

The safety of tortols + other animals

  • The establishment of the Turtle Syndicate Collection has empowered us to extend our adoption efforts to encompass a diverse array of sea turtles from various reputable organizations, while concurrently advancing our in-house development initiatives.
  • In parallel, the introduction of our Villains Collection has expanded our outreach to include a broader spectrum of marine life, encompassing majestic creatures such as Whales, Seals, Crabs, and other aquatic species.
  • Furthermore, the Turtle Syndicate has successfully secured exclusive rights to the Space Ape Club project. This strategic acquisition not only broadens our adoption scope to encompass terrestrial animals but also facilitates the creation of a dynamic multiverse. This transformative development enables us to incorporate a plethora of distinct animal species, including but not limited to apes, gorillas, and in the future, zebras, hippos, among others.
  • Through these strategic initiatives, we aim to elevate our organization’s profile while maximizing our impact on wildlife conservation efforts across the globe.

Complete project Goals

  • At Turtle Syndicate, we’re reshaping the crypto landscape by infusing every transaction with purpose and impact. Our innovative approach marries financial efficiency with social responsibility, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem centered around our project The Turtle Syndicate and our Currency $TRTL.

  • Our platform extends beyond mere transactions; it’s a hub for positive change. Through $TRTL payments, users can contribute to turtle adoptions and support various non-profit organizations (NPOs). With each trade, the volume of $TRTL directly impacts the number of adoptions facilitated, making every transaction meaningful.

  • Turtle Syndicate operates on a unique model where profit and purpose coexist harmoniously. While the Syndicate functions as a for-profit entity, $TRTL serves as a vehicle for social good, designated solely for non-profit initiatives. This dichotomy ensures sustainability while driving tangible, real-world impact.

  • Our vision extends beyond transactions; we aim to bridge the gap between traditional taxation models and the decentralized landscape of Crypto. By leveraging $TRTL’s contributions to charitable causes, we’re exploring avenues to make the token eligible for tax deductions, pioneering a new era of financial accountability and social responsibility.

  • Join the Revolution

  • Turtle Syndicate is not just a platform; it’s a movement. Join us as we redefine the role of crypto in society, leveraging technology for positive change, one transaction at a time. Together, we’re forging a future where every trade has purpose, and every token makes a difference. Welcome to the evolution of crypto, welcome to Turtle Syndicate.

Why Tortols? Why Cardano?

The choice of turtles and Cardano reflects a commitment to longevity, stability, community collaboration, innovation, and sustainability, making them ideal partners for initiatives aimed at positive impact and long-term success.

Timeline of events

Tortol Team

Pete Jones

Lead project investigator, Collab Master, Enjoys long walks on the beach

Ben Elferink

Lead Developer, 1000 IQ King of straws, Founder and Dev for Bad Fox Motorcycle Club


Founder, Substitute Developer, Marketer, Comic Writer

King NoShell

Spaces Host, Branch Advisor, Marketer


Artist, Creative mind, swims with dolphins in free time while saving babies from fires.

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